Hand and wrist pain

Hand and wrist pain can be due to an injury to the ligaments, tendons, and muscles in the wrist, hand and fingers.


A hand sprain can be the result of an accident or traumatic impact such as a fall causing the wrist to bend in an unnatural motion. When falling with an outstretched hand, the force of the impact can bend the wrist or fingers tearing or stretching the ligaments.

A sprain can be a result of repetitive overuse in either an occupation or through playing sports, which require repeated hand or wrist motion.


Symptoms of wrist or hand sprains include swelling, inflammation, muscle spasm, cramping, weakness, tenderness, acute pain, bruising and a loss of strength.


If there are no broken bones, initial treatment involves rest, the application of a cold compress, anti-inflammatory medicine, and elevation. Also, the hand can be immobilized with a splint or soft bandage. Physical therapy, massage, and heat therapy can also help. For more severe sprains and strains such as a complete tearing of the ligament, tendon or muscle may require surgery followed by a rehabilitation program to regain strength and flexibility.

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